Pastor Jonathan Updates the Church on Re-Gathering Information.
February Update
Please see update below -- as orders have been extended indefinitely. Therefore, we will not be holding in-person Sunday Services or our in-person Mid-Week Gatherings.
Please keep in touch as we will be keeping you updated going forward -- and please continue to join TOGETHER ONLINE and to be in prayer for all in our COMMUNITY and CITY.

This message serves to announce that we will be making a full pivot back to online SUNDAY SERVICES starting THIS SUNDAY NOVEMBER 22ND.  We do, however, count ourselves blessed to have been able to meet TOGETHER in person since early July - seeing 50 people in the building for watch parties, then making small changes towards LIVE preaching and then this past Thanksgiving having LIVE WORSHIP & LIVE PREACHING with 100 people in our building! For those who were able to attend, many felt encouraged and strengthen in these moments of in-person community. It is truly by God's grace and guidance that we were able to keep people safe in our building -- may we be truly grateful for the time that we had TOGETHER

We were so looking forward to begin hosting TWO SERVICES for ADVENTwhich were scheduled for November 29th! However, as we move to ONLINE SUNDAY SERVICES once more, our staff team has prayerfully begun to think creatively around using these moments as OPPORTUNITIES to try new things and to tell the STORY of how God continues to builds His local church. We are also looking forward to also finding new and innovative ways to celebrate the birth of KING JESUS for this Christmas Season!

As a COMMUNITY of believers, WE ARE ABLE to pray for, encourage, and care for each other.  We are also able to walk together as we seek to KNOWmore of JESUS -- understanding that we are fully KNOWN by Him and that he is able to bring strength and comfort like non-other. May we pray for moments where we can share the hope we have in Jesus with our neighbours, our friends, our co-workers, our CITY -- as we continue to seek the vision that OUR CITY WOULD KNOW JESUS -- even in THIS time.
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Please note: the office will be closed indefinitely please call or email if you need to contact STAFF.