Ridge Church

At Ridge Church our vision is that our city would know Jesus.  This means that we want those who are part of our church to know and be known by Jesus.  It also means that we want to share the hope and life that we have through Jesus with the world around us and invite them to consider the claims of Jesus and to join us in following Him.  

This is a mission that we invite everyone who is part of Ridge Church to participate in.

~ Jonathan Neufeld | Lead Pastor

   that our city would know Jesus

Our Values


We believe that JESUS is the hope of the world and we invite you to explore and celebrate what it means to know and be known by Jesus.


We believe gathering as a COMMUNITY is essential to living out the abundant life that Jesus promises us. We encourage you to experience the various ways you can know and be known by others.


We believe that Jesus calls us to be light and love in our CITY. We want to see our city know and be known by Jesus.

Our Affiliation

Ridge Church is a member of the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches in Canada. To read our statement of faith, click here.