Philippians 4:8 - 9

Reflection / Application Questions

  • Reflect on your time spent in prayer this week. 
    • Has it been easier? More difficult? Why do you think that is? 
    • Take a moment this week to talk with someone about this and encourage each other / share your experience together.
  • What’s got your attention? What are you focused on? 
    • Take stock of your “attention-giving” capacity this past week. Is it lop-sided on the news? Worry? Sinful thoughts?
    • Who can keep you accountable to keeping your focus on Jesus and his goodness rather than stuck on alternatives?
  • Re-read Philippians 4:8-9:
    • There is so much “good stuff” to be thankful for in the world. You just have to pay attention!
    • What do you see around you that is true, honourable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, or worthy of praise?
    • Take some time to reflect on those things and express thanks to God for them
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  • Who are you connected with? Who can you reach out to this week to share life?

Prayer Suggestions

  • Pray for a greater focus on Jesus amidst a world of potential distractions
  • Confess sin and remember that if we confess, Jesus will forgive (1 John 1:9)
  • As Pastor Jonathan prayed, take some time to intercede for:
    • Government leaders (wisdom, discernment, courage, etc)
    • Front-line workers (even those in our own church congregation)
  • Consider joining with the other churches around the world today and praying together using the following guide:

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