COMMUNITY Study Questions  

  1. A covenant is a blend of two key elements -- love and law.  
    1. What is it about that combination that makes a covenant relationship the most powerful and beautiful of all relationships?  
    2. How is a covenant relationship different from a contractual relationship? 
  2. Read Genesis 17:1 - 2.  
    1. What does it mean to walk before God and to be ‘blameless’?  
    2. What does this actually look like in a person’s day-to-day life?   
  3. Read Genesis 17:3 - 8.  
    1. If the Old Testament tells of the original (old) covenants that God made with Abram and his descendants, then the New Testament speaks to the new covenant that God makes with the people of God today.  
    2. What are some of the aspects / promises of the New Covenant?  
  4. Read Genesis 17:9 - 11.  
    1. Why is a sign such an important part of a covenant?  
    2. Baptism is the sign of the new covenant. 
    3. If you have been baptized, share briefly when you were baptized, how you were baptized and what it meant to you. If you were baptized, what were some of the fears and / or obstacles that you had to overcome before you got baptized? 
    4. What are the dangers of mixing up the sign of the covenant with the covenant itself? 


  1. Pray for the persecuted church around the world.  Pray for safety, for a powerful witness and for increased freedom. 
  2. Pray for our youth ministry and Pastor Dan as he continues to navigate how to do youth best in the midst of Covid.