1. Share one highlight from your Christmas. 

  2. How are you feeling about this next season of winter and Covid? 

  3. Read Galatians 5:22 - 23.  Although we could all grow in all of the fruit of the Spirit, is there one that comes more naturally to you?  Is there one that is particularly difficult for you? 

  4. Read Galatians 5:16 - 21.  

    1. What is the difference between a motivational sin and a behavioral sin?  Give some examples. 

    2. Why is it often easier to identify our behavioral sins than our motivational sins?  

    3. How do we identify our motivational sins?  

    4. How do you crucify those over-desires in your life? 

  5. Read Galatians 5:25.  When you think of Jesus, what is one characteristic or quality that you particularly like about who He is?