1. A paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement that is actually true, what are some examples you can think of?
  2. In the sermon, Pastor Dan referred to the paradoxes of Jesus discuss them:
    • He is powerful (storms /demons) but _______
    • He is glorious (transfiguration) but _______
    • He is full of grace (won’t throw a stone but ______
    • He is fully God (Holy without sin) but _______
    • He is the Lion but the ______
    • He is coming to rule but also to _____
  3. We see in the scriptures that the people had expectations of what and who Jesus would be. What are some expectations we have on God? (ie. a good job).What do we do when our expectations are not met?
  4. Because Jesus came to both SAVE and RULE we often only want ½ of him.  Discuss how we can want to be saved from but not ruled in these areas of our lives: Relationships  Finances   Work   Time
  5. CS Lewis said “ you don’t have a soul, you are a soul.  You have a body”.  We can often see ourselves as the opposite, a body with a soul and so we focus on what is happening outside of ourselves (our circumstances).  With this in mind what expectations do we have of Jesus?  Where is it that we need to change our expectations of Him?