Welcome to RIDGEKIDS!

The heart of our RIDGEKIDS ministry is to help kids develop lifelong relationships with Jesus and with others who KNOW  Him. We accomplish this goal through creating spaces where our kids can be in COMMUNITY with others their age,  as they engage in age appropriate Bible-based teaching and have fun as they discover the grace of Jesus and the power of God's word, the Bible!

As our kids grow,  we also layer in other connection events like our KIDS NIGHT OUTS where they can continue to grow in their relationships with one another and with Jesus!  

When the time comes for our kids to head out of RIDGEKIDS ministry,  we have a team ready and excited to lead them in our RIDGE JUNIOR & SENIOR YOUTH ministry! (Grade 6-12)

This Month

This month, our series is called Measure Up! It's a 5-week study from the Gospels on Jesus's early life and ministry.